Adler Planetarium

The Universe: A Walk Through Space and Time


About the Exhibition

Explore the big questions – How large is the Universe?  Where did it come from?  Are we alone?

Encounter the Universe from its meager beginnings and see how galaxies, stars, planets – and even the very atoms in our bodies – were created as the Universe grew. Explore regions farther than our Solar System, billions of light-years from Earth to the edge of the cosmos. Then zoom from one wondrous location in the Universe to another and investigate the most diverse and beautiful objects in deep space in ultra high resolution from the world’s best telescopes.

To commemorate your journey through the Universe, send yourself an e-postcard that travels at the speed of light from Neptune, the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Coma Cluster of galaxies. You’ll have to wait about 2.5 million years for your postcard to arrive from the Andromeda galaxy, but only four hours from Neptune.

Partners and Recognition

The Universe: A Walk through Space and Time is presented in the Adler’s Pritzker Hall of Cosmology. The Adler Planetarium gratefully acknowledges the Pritzker Foundation for its leadership in promoting space science education at the Adler Planetarium.