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Our Solar System

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Exploring Our Solar System

Exploration extends beyond the edges of our Solar System. Pilot your own adventure and explore the variety of objects currently orbiting our Sun. Observe and discover the similarities and differences between planets, moons, asteroids, and more. 

Curious what it would feel like to touch a piece of the Moon, Mars or a distant asteroid? Be the first on your block to touch a piece of the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Vesta. Want to learn more? Scientists are on hand to answer your questions.

But wait there's more! Make your own crater with our Crater Maker, and feel a piece of an actual meteorite that crashed into the Earth and created a huge crater in Arizona.

Our Solar System Image Gallery

Cookin' Up a Comet

From the Edge of our Solar System

From the furthest reaches of our Solar System, comets occasionally make dramatic appearances in our sky. Comets contain a nucleus made of water, ice, dust and frozen gases. Studying what a comet is made of helps scientists learn more about the origins of our Solar System. Check out this Adler's webisode featuring educator Kyle Sater and astronomer Mark Hammergren as they create a comet with household materials (and dry ice)!